SQL Statement Exploits

A variation on a script exploit is one that causes malicious SQL statements to be executed. This can occur if an application prompts users for information and then concatenates the user's input into a string representing the SQL statement. For example, an application might prompt for a customer name with the intention of executing a statement, such as the following:

"Select * From Customers where CustomerName = " & txtCustomerName.Value

But a malicious user who knows something about the database could use the text box to enter an embedded SQL statement with the customer name, resulting in a statement like the following:

Select * From Customers Where CustomerName = 'a' Delete From Customers Where CustomerName > ''

Now when the above query is executed, it will delete all the customers records from the DB.


To protect against SQL statement exploits, never create SQL queries using string concatenation. Instead, use a parameterized query and assign user input to parameter objects.

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