Avanade Connected Architectures for .NET (or ACA.NET) – is set of tools that complement Visual Studio .NET by providing a framework upon which developers can more quickly build XML-based Web services and applications. Built entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform, ACA.NET is a set of pre-configured software development components and features including database portability, robust event logging, and integrated security management. ACA.NET also provides a powerful event-driven development model to create applications with true separation of business and presentation logic enabling companies to easily support many different platforms.
All of these features are coordinated through a utility called the ACA.NET Configuration Manager tool integrated in Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET. Architects use the tool to graphically depict the application process model and generate the code that defines the structure of the application. Developers add application business logic to the generated code using the ACA.NET components and on-line help embedded in Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET.

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