How can I stop and start window services from the command line?

Following commands can be used for start/sopt/list services from the command line

on Windows 2000/XP.

1. net start - list all running services

2. net stop - list all stopped services

3. net start "service name" - to start the service

4. net stop "service name" - to stop the service

5. sclist /R - list all running services on Windowa NT

6. sclist /S - list all stopped services on Windowa NT

7. NETSVC \\< servername > < command > < servicename > - for manage service remotely

< command > :

/list Lists installed services. Omit servicename with this command.
/query Query the status of a service.
/start Start the specified service.
/stop Stop the specified service.
/pause Pause the specified service.
/continue Restart a paused service.

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