Website Logging and AWStats Tool

Analysis of a website is very important if you want to optimize the performance of the website. The informations like from where most of the web traffic is coming or who is eating up your sites bandwidth are very handy for improving your websites performance. These informations are logged by the web servers that can be processed by some tools like AWStats, Analog, Webalizer etc... into some graphical charts for easy analysis.
Web logging is by default enabled in IIS5.1 web server and the data is stored in the
C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1 location in the form of text files with the name format like exyymmdd.log, here yy- year, mm-month and dd-day.
By default some selected properties are logged so you can customize the logging information to your requirement.For that -
Open the website properties window and click on the properties button in the enable logging section. Extented logging properties window will open. Here check & uncheck the properties you want to log like you you want to measure bandwidth comsumption of your site, check Bytes Sent option or if you want to know who is sending most of the traffic , check Referer option.

AWStats Tool

This is the tool to analyse this web logging information and show it with graphics chart.This tool is free for use.
Check out below link for more information on this tool.

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