How to improve performance of Windows XP

Following are some tips to improve performance of your Windows XP OS.

1. Use Disk Defragmenter utility - One of the easiest ways to boost up XP's speed is defragmenting your hard drive regularly. You can find this utility in the System Tools section in Accessories.

2. Use Disk Cleanup utility - Disk cleaning helps you to remove unwanted files and programs from your hard disk, which helps IO operations of Win XP. It can be used to remove temporary Internet files, remove downloaded program files, empty the Recycle Bin, remove Windows temporary files, remove optional Windows components and remove installed programs that are no longer in use.

3. Stop Windows Index Service - Windows XP by default indexes files on local and network drives to speed up the file search process. However, this slows the PC performance as it indexes files continuously. So if you don't use the service regularly it is better to disable the process.

4. Remove unwanted start-up program - Having too many program in the program startup list also slows down the booting process of Win Xp. Therefore remove unwanted program from the startup list by running "msconfig" utility and unselecting programs from the startup list.

5. Remove unused fonts - Installing too many fonts in your machine also slows down Win XP. Delete unnecessary fonts from fonts folder in the control panel.

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