How to remove from the system or protectservice.exe

iStartSurf is a browser hijacker. iStartSurf it’s technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits. It gets installed on your computer after you have installed a freeware software that had bundled into their installation this browser hijacker. To remove this browser hijacker you will need to remove protectservice.exe from your machine.

How to Remove Protectservice.exe Virus


1.     Open windows explorer and go to the C:\Program Files\XTab folder. On 64bit machines go to C:\Program Files(x86)\XTab

2.     You will find uninstall exe, run it to uninstall the protectservice.exe from your machine.

3.     After successful uninstall, reset all the browsers (e.g. chrome, ie, firefox). In the IE the option is in the Internet Options->Advance tab. Google for other browser if not sure how to reset.

4.     Now restart your machine.